Is One Better Than Another?

25/06/2015 09:29

Friend, the world wants us to believe that some of us are better than others of us.

Do not buy into the lie that one skin colour is better than another, or one culture is better than another.

Many are the people who are enslaved into generational hatreds against one type of person or culture or country or tribe.

Years ago on a Saturday Night Live television show there was a comedy skit based on two people dressed as half black and half white.  They looked similar but on close inspection one person's face was black on the left side and white on the right side - the other person was black on the right side and white on the left side. In all other aspects they were the same but because of this difference they hated each other and found fault with each other. Only with their own "kind" were they trustful.

But, really when we live in this world, even our next door neighbour is going to be different from us.  It is foolish to just hate another for reasons that they can never change; like the color of their skin or their culture or; people type they have been born into.

Can you change from what you were born as, to another type?  Such as English to Greek? It's impossible!

That kind of hatred is foolish and will keep the channels of spirituality blocked so that you will never "see" what God has for you.  You have to let go of those hatreds and move on.

Decide today to let go of those long held hatreds and open the channel to God's forgiveness for yourself and then be a conduit of forgiveness to those you have previously hated.  When you see them as God sees them it will be easy.  He loves them just as much as He loves you and died for their sins also.

Be the one who is able to change and if others won't, it is not for you to return to hating and revenge.  It is just for you to walk in Godly Knowledge and Compassion.  God will give you Wisdom and make a Way where there seemed to be no way if you lay it all at the bottom of the Cross and leave it there.  God's Timing is Perfect, so allow Him to be the One who works on both parties - yourself and the other who you previously hated.

And, don't typecast yourself! That's a trap set by evil.  It doesn't allow for growth of any kind.  Typecasting is like falling in a pit and digging yourself deeper and deeper into it.  That mindset will never allow you to see your full potential. You can at any time be who God says you are. That is the ONLY way out of any pit you have fallen into.