Isaiah 49:8

30/03/2015 07:37

Thus saith the Lord, In an acceptable time I have heard thee, and in a day of salvation I have helped thee. 

Isaiah 49:8

The Holy Spirit speaks to us in this one sentence from Isaiah the prophet of God from the Old Testament.

The Lord says to us, "I hear your cries even when you do not know that it is Me you are crying to.  I hear all the cries of the unsaved and saved."

He also says that when we have Salvation, He helps us.

Salvation through the Blood shed by His Son Jesus is the key to our answer regarding our need that we have cried out to the universe, a Supreme Being,  even a God who we do not know. 

It's the cry for help from a deeply wounded heart that says there must be some help somewhere yet does not recognize the One True God.

It's the cry too, from native peoples down the centuries who set up their own gods seeking help from somewhere in the universe.  We see it in every culture.  Always a sacrifice was needed.

So God sent His own Son as a final Sacrifice.  He was saying, "Do not do this anymore."  My Son is the One who will wash all your sin away.  His Blood is the Purest - this is the only answer.  Accept Him and follow Him!

We never call on Him in vain.  His ears are always open to us and His heart is open to our needs - He is moved by our suffering but He cannot fix every problem for all of us and allow us to go on and do it again and again.

He must have a committment from us.  We must show Him we believe, then His Son's death is not in vain.