It is God who sets the standards

19/12/2014 10:07

Friend, it must be God who sets the standards for our life. 

Many of us are good and live our life in an ethical way. We do our very best to live up to the moral and ethical standards we set ourselves.

But Friend, how ethical and moral are we?  Can we attain to the heights we set ourselves?  I say not. 

Because there is evil in this world, when you say you will not do or say something then along comes a demon to show you that you are not capable of keeping that promise to yourself. In fact, that demon will hound you until it wins you over! 

It does matter that you set standards for yourself - don't throw them out the window!

But, God has set standards and when we believe in Him, He will make a Way for us to abide by His standards and He has sent His Son so that we might have forgiveness and still remain under His Kingship, comfort and care when we come and say, "Father, I have sinned, please help me to get rid of this in my life. Thank you for your forgiveness."

His standards are the Ten Commandments.