It's A Choice

30/04/2015 11:11

Friend, God calls us and it is up to us to make the choice to be a believer in Him.  

He gives to us the gift of choosing Him.  It is our free will choice.  We can believe or deny His existence.

Both have consequences for our soul, spirit and flesh.

While we live, He is at work revealing Himself to us both when we are awake and asleep.

We will never be able to accuse Him of not caring, not loving, not helping, not showing Himself.

We will see when we stand before Him at the Judgement, that He was there and did do everything in His Power to get us to know He was God. And we will see how we turned our back to Him and lived our life in foolishness and unbelief.

We allow the daily complexities of life to become everything when they should be pushed aside in order to know the One who loves us.

When we choose Him as our God and Saviour we are able to live a more fulfilling life, one that has a spiritual base from where we make all our decisions about life.

We allow His Word to become the crux of the matter and are able to listen to it and find the answers we need for the best outcome to any issue that arises in our daily lives.

When we do this; we please Him; we grow in strength and courage to be the person God wants us to be; we find a Truth and Love like no other; we see the world in the Way God has planned; and we are able to discern right from wrong.