It's All About Jesus

23/05/2015 10:35

Friend, our whole existence is all about Jesus.

He is the key ingredient in all of life.  He is God.

His Word, the Bible, tells us so.

When you accept this as Truth, you are well onto the Path of new life in Christ.  The one that is intended for you. The one that He died for you to have.  The one that will give you eternal life with Christ, in His Kingdom.

In the Bible, we find that He invites us to know Him and to find the Way, to Him and eternal life.

This is what He is interested in - us having eternal life with Him. 

He was crucified and resurrected for us to have it. 

There was no other reason for the resurrection.  He could have at any time risen to be with the Father; both before being crucified and at any time during His 33 years on this earth; just as He did 40 days after His resurrection, when many saw Him ascend to Heaven.  He saw how wicked we were, but thanks be to God, there were a few who were waiting for Him to appear and they are the ones who listened and obeyed Him and spread the Good News of Jesus to the world.

God the Father had a Plan to deal with evil (Satan and his followers) and it included Jesus being born of a virgin and living and walking among us for 33 years. Then the crucifixion and resurrection and walking among us again for 40 more days, then the ascencion.

All the accounts of His life that we need to know, are in the Bible.  From them we learn so much about our God. We see how Just He is, how Loving, how all Powerful and all Knowing He is and how Forgiving!

When you get to know more about Jesus, His Heart and Holy Spirt and Father, you will see in a complete new Light.