It's Faith, Not Reason

08/11/2014 19:36

Faith is a belief in the unseen.

Reason wants to see it before it can believe - not necessarily see with the eye but at least reason the situation out with logic, in the mind, so that reason can see it.

Christianity is filled with situations that only can be believed by faith.  There is much that can be reasoned but there are mysteries that God has not revealed to us, but by faith we can believe with the heart - which will tell the mind to believe.

God does not intend for us to know the full workings of Himself.  He wants us to see that He is Good and that He loves us.  If we can make the leap of faith to believe in Him and His Son, He will give us the Gift of forgiveness and send the Holy Spirit to comfort and counsel us.

To try to reason out the things of God is to enter into vain speculation.  He has given us the Word of God, His Son who has given us the Holy Bible as a book of writings to help strengthen our faith.

To reason spiritual things out is to think that oneself is on the same level as God for intelligence and knowledge.

Honestly, this type of thinking will never find God.  It will find what it will find and make something of it, but it will not find Almighty God.  Never.

Reason can only observe and make observations and join them together with fairy tales.

Faith must come into play for any of us to find and know God.  And one must be of a humble mind, saying, I cannot fathom the mind of God.  I must take a leap of faith to believe.

Is God Good?  Yes, He must be to be God.

Is God Love?  Yes, He must be to be God.

Ask all the questions and you will find that He exists and is who the Bible says He is.

Then believe.