It's So Simple

28/11/2014 14:39

God has made things simple to confound the wise.

Evil tells us that we have to do things or accomplish things in order to get to heaven.  Evil makes it look impossible.  It says we must do good works, be a good person through and through, and so much more.

God says we should do good works also, but only when; we come to the knowledge of Him, and what those good works are, will they be counted.  So all the good you do before having accepted Christ as your Saviour, does not count.  All it says about you to God is that you are an unbeliever who does good works hoping to gain access through the back door to heaven.

It's so simple.  Today, in your unbelief, in your sin-filled life, you can decide to believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came to die for your sins and be resurrected so you to may have life everlasting with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This is a Free Gift of God.  His Son, Jesus the Lord of all creation has made a Way for you where before there was no way, only the Law which God foreknew we could not attain to.

When Jesus completed the Plan of God and rose on the third day from death and walked among the disciples and people of that day for 40 days, satan did not know that God had made a Way for us who would be born until Jesus returns.

Then miracously, Jesus was transported to Heaven, showing that we too would have a resurrected body just as He did and we would follow Him and our spirit/soul would be with Him in Heaven.

Jesus died for our sins.  There was no need for Him to die and be resurrected otherwise.  He could easily have snapped His fingers and been in Heaven.

Friend, He went to the Cross with you on His mind and in His heart.  He died to make a Way for you. 

Honour Him for that.  Accept His sacrifice.  Be forgiven and thank Him.