James 5:16

20/07/2015 08:35

The Book of James in the Holy Bible, Chapter 5 verse 16.    

The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.     James 5:16

Friend, the prayers that God responds to fervently, are those that are prayed in like manner.

James tells us that the prayer that gets results is the one prayed by a righteous man who is fervent in his asking and need.

What is the prayer we know God loves to hear?  Does He not take care of us and provide for us? 

It is the prayer for our loved ones and friends and neighbours and acquaintances and even those we do not know personally.

The prayer for the unbeliever we know, is the one that gives Him an entrance into that person's life.  He will not take their freedoms from them, but He will be a presence that they are able to feel and see in His Creation.

A righteous man is one who is covered in the Righteousness of Jesus the Son of God who came to pay the price for our sins.

If you believe that God sent His Son as a Sacrifice for those who would repent of their old ways and believe in the One True God and follow the Teachings in the Holy Bible which is known as The Word Of God, you are considered Righteous in the eyes of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Leaving old ways of belief behind you will find many similarities in the writings of your old religion to the Holy Bible but only those in the Bible are the inspired words of God Almighty.  

Others are meant to have a ring of Truth but are designed to enslave you to good works, selfish thinking, and years of being lost within their stories and advice. Satan is a copycat and desires to keep your head turned away from Holy God.

The Bible teaches in the most simplest and concise Way.  God wants everyone to be able to understand that He desires to have a personal relationship with them.

Start praying for your friends and family today and believe that God does hear and will act.