Jesus Comforts The Broken

12/09/2015 05:40

Friend, are you seeking comfort for the loneliness, the brokenness, sadness, grief, emptiness,?

Do you feel unloved, uncared for, bullied, shunned?

People can be so mean and unkind!

In these times everybody is looking out for themselves. The spirit of selfishness is rife in this world. We are indoctrinated into this mindset from early ages.

Parents no longer discipline selfish behaviour; mainly because they do not see that it is selfish.

Yes, we should bring out the best in a child but that child has been given to us for care and nurture by the Lord and we have a responsibility to be a Godly parent; not an indulger or encourager in selfishness.

Without rules and boundaries our children's minds do not get aligned properly into Godliness and they can easily be taken over by the forces of darkness that lurk about seeking to kill and destroy.

Be ever mindful of the God who is the creator of their soul and spirit who seeks to have a relationship with you. He will fill you with power and wisdom to help you guide and direct your children onto the path of Righteousness.

Otherwise your children will go into the world and cause themselves much harm spiritually; and cause you, the parent, much anguish.

Be a good shepherd to them as He is the Good Shepherd to you and when they grow to leave the nest they will recognize His Voice. They will hear when He warns them of danger and be able to  know the Way of escape.

But friend, if you are at this stage already, and are experiencing pain, depression, brokenness, then Jesus is here for you. He will comfort you. Turn to Him and ask for forgiveness for all your wrong choices, for not looking to Him sooner, and receive Forgiveness, Comfort, Mercy and Grace for the future.

Become the strong wise and loving parent who is committed to the Word of God, who teaches through example and love the way to eternal life.

This life is truly a fleeting time when measured against eternity. But God says it is enough time for us to see His Glory and turn to Him as the Master of our Soul.

Do not waste another second, but turn to Him now and accept the Free Gift of Salvation that the Saviour is handing you in His outstretched arms that were nailed to the Cross for your sins.

Can you see that it is a Sacrificial offering that is unmerited by you? Do you see the Great Love that He must have for your soul? 

But, friend, God will not be mocked. Deny Him to your own peril. This is offered now in this world and will not be offered to you again. This is the end of the line. Choose soon.


Father God, Holy is Your Name. Thank You for the Gift of Salvation. I accept the Sacrifice of Your Son, Yeshua Jesus and ask Him to reside in my heart to show me the Way out of the mirey mud I am stuck in. I freely give to You, my soul and spirit, and only desire to have You as my guide. Please surround me with Your Holy angels to protect me from stumbling on the Godly Path of Righteousness. Fill me with Your Love as I go about my daily chores and comfort my soul. Remove from me the chains that bind me to the sinful ways I have fallen into and free me to be able to absorb Your Word and understand Your Ways. In Jesus's Holy Name. Amen