Jesus is Love & Truth

12/03/2015 05:54


The two symbols in the picture above of the Cross and Bible represent Love and Truth.

Were you aware of that?

The Cross symbolizes the Love of God.  He sent His only Son to die on that Cross for our sins; to be the Sacrifice that would reconcile sinners to Himself.  We had all gone our own selfish way and joined the ranks of satan, and God saw that we needed a Way out of our dilemma.

The Bible represents Truth.  It contains His Word; His letters to us telling us how to live and how He reasons.  It is glimpses into the mind of God. It speaks of the Law of God so that we are informed.

Ignorance does not equal innocence it tells us.  There is no such thing as ignorance to God.  That is a satan word.  God has provided all we need for our minds to see and understand Him.

If we choose to ignore or turn away from Him or choose other paths - that is on us and we will be judged as having denied Jesus.

He has chosen us to be messengers of His Love - will you take up your cross and follow Him; go where He leads; tell others of His Love for them; speak of His Truth?