Jesus Is Not A Far Away God

11/01/2015 17:17

Friend, never think of God as being far from you!

He is near always!

It is up to us to open up communication with Him.

He is a gracious God and will not force Himself upon you.

Many people think that Christians are forcing Jesus upon them but nothing could be further from the Truth.

We are given a word of advice and that is to share with others who Jesus is to us so they may hear about Him in some small way, because the evil in this world will say there is no God and that we do not need a God.

No-one can force Jesus upon you.  He has given you the power of free-will and it is totally up to you to accept Him or decline His invitation to believe.

It is with the heart we first accept Him.  Then the mind is renewed by hearing the Word of God. 

Many people go through this life and they hear and see but do not believe.  When after death they find that God is real they will have a remembrance of all the times they were given the chance to know Him and how they spat on those chances and went their merry way, along with the crowd of like minded unbelievers.

To some, if there is a God, he is far away and not interested in the affairs of man.

But, friend, do not be one of them. If your soul was required of you this night and there is a Holy God who is the Creator - think on how you would be received by Him when He is surrounded by the billions of souls who have passed and did believe.  Will you be allowed to stand with them?  The ones you ridiculed, persecuted, hated even?

There's a lot to think about and it could take a lifetime.  Start now!

Blessings to you.