Jesus is the Good Shepherd - Do you know His voice?

26/07/2014 10:38


When He rises up to lead us home, some will not follow.

They will be preoccupied with 


their needs

their fun

their stuff.

Because of this preoccupation

they will not hear

or be aware of

the Good Shepherd

who is leading

the Faithful Flock


The other sheep

will wander home

to find the door


They will call to the Good Shepherd

and beg to be allowed in,

but the Good Shepherd will

tell them He doesn't know them


they may not be allowed in.

(He knows they will destroy His flock).

They will forever be on the


No home, no protection, no love, no friends,

nothing of any comfort.

Just like wounded dogs,

snarling and biting at each other.

Never knowing where the next attack is coming from.


Redeem the time you have left and get to know the Good Shepherd's voice.  Read His Word to find out what the Father and Son have to say to you.