Jesus Is Worth Knowing

19/12/2014 10:28

Friend, Jesus is worth knowing.  He is a Friend to all who seek Him.

To those of us who know Him, His friendship is a beautiful thing to have.  He is always there.  He always has the right answer, He comforts, He is kind, and caring, He is a mighty warrior who goes before us into battle and is always victorious for His cause which is you. 

Jesus is worth knowing because He has all the knowledge of all things.  There is nothing that will stump Him.

Jesus is worth knowing because He knew you before you were born!  He knows all your idosyncrasies, He knows all your problems in your body, your thinking, your heart, your mind, your relationships, your human needs, your spiritual needs - everything. And, He still loves you!

Jesus is worth knowing because He knows the Way for you to go to have eternal life in Paradise.

Jesus is worth knowing because He can see the road ahead and He can avert danger, He can slay the demons with your agreement.

He is the Friend you have always wanted.