Jesus Was Willing

03/03/2015 11:55

Compared to the Purity of God, we are all very flawed.  Sin has overtaken us and marred and mauled our inner spirit.

We are liars, cheaters, self-absorbed, controlling, envious, takers and not givers, we scratch and crawl all over each other to get to somewhere we think is above all others.  We are prideful and boasters, murderers of our unborn children and each other, eager to make money at any cost to ourselves and others.  It goes on and on, what we are capable of doing and justifying to ourselves. We come to believe that it is acceptable behaviour - we just have to get others to do it as well.

But, all that is sinful to God. 

He however, has made a Way for us to get untangled from these sinful ways.

His Son Jesus, was willing to be the Sacrifice for our sins - that Holiness could accept.

The Sacrifice had to be Holy Itself.  A sinner could not pay the price for all the sin of the world.  His blood was already dirty - not Holy.

(Right here you know that satan will not win.)

When we recognize that we are sinful and we want a new Way to live, we can turn to the Holy One, Jesus because He has made a Way.  He fulfilled the Plan of God to reconcile sinners that believe in Him, to Himself.

Repent and be forgiven.  Believe and be called a child of God.  Be happy, your sins are forgiven!  The Blood of Jesus the Holy One, covers you and makes you whole. 

God the Father now sees you through His Son, and you are tenderly loved like a little bird in His hands.  He will take care of you.  Just believe and learn of Him.