John 18:37c

24/07/2016 11:56

Everyone who is of the Truth, hears My Voice. John 18:37c

Friend, this Word from Jesus deserves your attention.

He says that if we are of Him, Who is the Truth, we will hear His Voice.

However, the demonic darkness has a voice also. 

It's voice is loud and brash and negative and cajoling, full of deceit.

So listen for God's quiet and small voice of few words, in the quiet times that you set aside for Him, in the stillness of your life, and when you urgently need Him to help you. .

The darkness with all it's clamor must be quietened so you can hear God's Will for you.

Learn to perceive the darkness that is in your life, and how to remove it from your days and nights. Decide to tear away at the layers of grit and grime that deaden the Voice of Your Saviour..

Replace loud noises from the television and sound devices with soft, calming sounds or none at all. Remove yourself from brash and loud dramas whenever you can to preserve your right to have stillness.

Become familiar with His Words in the Holy Bible, so you are able to recognize when it is He that speaks - it's a way to confirm that it is the Lord's Voice you hear; soft and loving, "appearing" in your thoughts.

We need to be familiar with His Voice because He says in the Bible, that He is the Good Shepherd, and His sheep, hear and know His Voice.

Would you know His Voice today, friend?