The Grace Of God

23/06/2016 19:42

Friend, set your mind on what the Grace of God means.

Let today be the day when your soul completely understands what the Grace of God means.

Prayer for understanding..

Lord, (Father, King, Jesus) I come to You with thanks in my heart for Your wonderful Plan of Redemption, and Forgiveness. I praise You because You have given me this life and time to reflect on Who You are. Thank You Lord. I humble my heart and mind and ask You to help me have complete understanding of Your Grace and how it affects this life. I have a need to know more about You, and Your Law and Will. Thank You Father for all You do for me and help me to gain Godly knowledge and apply it to my life. In Your Son's Holy Name, I ask this. Amen.

Friend, we experience His Grace every second of the day and night. Without it we would not survive. Evil would overcome us just as we see evil doing it's dirty disgusting killing and destroying of people in this world every day.

God knows the sum total of godliness in us at any given time. It may not be just of this short sojourn in this lifetime. We do not know what has happened before our arrival here as a baby. But, the Bible does say we arrive into a sin-filled world as a sinner, even though every baby is considered an innocent.

Another of the great mysteries that God does not deem us worthy to know the answers.

Think about all the little, miniscule sometimes, events that happen out of nowhere, that brighten or enlighten your life somehow.

They are the workings of a Holy God. His Grace has seen you through a difficulty! But what did you do? Have you thanked Him. Have you recognized that He was behind that?

Perhaps you learned something good. That was God, His Grace.

Perhaps you saw something that made you think, cry, believe. That was God.

Why is He keeping you alive all this time? What have you done for Him?

It's His Grace abounding towards you because He knows your soul deserves to know or see or experience "that". And He wants to see you grow into a better Godly person.

He never gives up trying to coax you into a relationship with Him.

Why not stop now and say, "OK, Lord, I am yours. I am ready to know You in the Way You want to know me." 

And then trust Him, because He is Holy, Perfect & Pure.