John 8:12

13/08/2016 07:21

Again Jesus spoke to them saying, "I Am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the Light of life."

Friend the Lord speaks these Words to you today, "I Am the Light of the world; follow Me and you will walk in My Light; as you live in the world."

Stepping into the Glorious splendour of His Light, Truth and Love that is filled with Grace and Mercy, governed by Holy Law, Wisdom and Justice, is but a second away from your earthly consciousness.

You can have that peace and healing of soul and spirit that comes with stepping into His Light, the minute you decide to follow Him as your Saviour; the One Who took your punishment for your sins, upon Himself, as payment to the Father's Law.

But if you don't accept His Sacrifice, that is your choice.

Many do turn their back. 

Many hearts are turned against God by the deceitful hand of satan; thinking they are above 'those foolish Christians".

Who will be the fool when we all fall to our knees at the Great Judgement; when we all see the Light and Glory that surrounds our Saviour?

With the Truth He will separate us. 

We will realize that we allowed ourselves to be deceived because we preferred sinful ways and did not want to follow the Light.

And we will know that our punishment will be Just and according to Holy Law.

A fearful thing.

This is the Truth we do not want to hear, but now is the acceptable time to hear it, friend.