John 8:31-32

23/04/2015 09:58

Bible verse...

John 8:31-32

If you abide in My Word, you are truly my disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

Friend, this is an important Word from Jesus our Saviour, Teacher.

He asks us to read the Word and get to know it and practise it's teachings, so that we make it our guide for daily living.

By doing this He tells us that we will know Truth and this Truth is our door to freedom; from the bondage of the world.

As we gain knowledge of God and His Ways and Laws we realize that He is a Good God, full of Justice and Mercy. Our spirit begins to realize that to follow His Way is to have the tools to deal with everyday life.

Continually renewing the mind through the reading of the Bible will give us the peace and comfort we need in times of trouble and it will also give us the knowledge of how to view the world and how to love our fellow man.

We will gain the help that we need from the Holy Spirit because when He wants to reveal something to us in our situation, He will be able to use a Bible verse that we already know, and we will immediately know this to be a Word from God, and that this is the Way for us to move forward.

Words such as "My Grace is sufficient for you" in a time of complete sorrow; "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you" when you are ready to give up. 

There are so many great verses of love, promise, and help, in the Bible that will speak to your immediate need that it is foolish not to begin to read and grow in the knowledge of them, and put them to use in your life.

Friend, they will help you!  It is a guarantee of God to you.  Continue in the reading and study and meditation of God's Word.  Put aside all other reading until you have conformed your mind to God's Word.

When you do this you will see the untruth of other works that consumed your time previously.

God has made it simple in His Holy Word.  He has left out much of the mystery of who He is because we do not need to know it.  He insists we know His Son first.  This is the only way we gain access to Heaven. 

He did not send His Son to suffer so that we could sneak in by the back or side door.  These doors seem to be open and many study all the varied "other ways" to nirvana but unless they call Jesus their Saviour, all that study and belief has been in vain because they have denied God's Son.

Remember, Jesus first then see where the Spirit leads and shows.