Joy And Gratitude

26/06/2015 09:52

Friend, the Lord asks us not to have pity for ourselves.  Instead He says to be joyful and have a grateful heart.

There is much to be grateful for and this brings joy to the heart.

Many do not know where they will sleep tonight, nor do they know that they will eat today or have clean water to drink.  These are basics, not to mention medical care for pain and disease etc.  So many people in the world are suffering and their lives have been turned upside down by terror unthinkable. A lot of us do have the basics covered and can receive medical care, yet we are so depressed because we do not have "other" things we think we need to be happy.

The Lord asks us to look at what we do have and be thankful for the smallest skeric of goodness in our life. Does someone love you? Do you love someone - a child, spouse, parent, family member, friend?  Do you have a means of employment even though you are unhappy in it?  

Be thankful and have a glad heart for the things you have and with that glad heart, as it grows, you will find more goodness added to you.

A sad and dry heart not willing to see goodness, cannot receive more of God's Goodwill as it has the door closed spiritually, to receiving. 

Friend, choose to be happy with what you have. Thank Him for all you have.  Name those things and daily thank Him for what you have.  Do you see that you are not even worthy of what you do have? 

Or do you see that you are the one who got the things you have?  Really?

No, friend, all was given to you - even through that small window of faith, God, has squeezed in some things for you! Perhaps someone has prayed for you, perhaps you were dedicated as a child, perhaps God sees to your heart and sees some goodness amongst your unbelief, that because of His Goodwill, you deserve.

But let your measure of that goodwill be larger.  Believe and be grateful!

Thank Him.