Keep A Quiet Spirit

24/09/2014 11:41

How do we keep a quiet spirit amongst all the hustle and bustle of our day?

We have to work and intermingle with others who are at a different stage in their own journey of life!

The Spirit urges us to be calm and not hurrry about.  We take on too many things to do each day.  At work we have to please so that is an area that is overseen by the "company".  They pay us so they are entitled to get what we signed up for when we took the job.  If it is too much then we should find something else if possible.  If not we should be like the slave who is told to do all the master asks for it is the master who is then judged on their performance.

Whatever you do for work let it be so but use the time there to be an encouragement and one who seeks peace for all.

Outside of work hours we must begin to practise a quiet spirit as we go about our daily chores - seeking to make some time alone for the Lord who will replenish our spirits and speak to us as we reflect on our day, the past, our future. 

As time goes on and we are gaining spiritual ground, we find many past issues are put to rest, and daily happenings, are few, because we are walking in the Spirit and seeing things eternally. 

We are then able to focus on Him and Him alone. 

This is where you want to be!