Keep A Quiet Spirit

13/04/2015 08:29

Friend, the Lord asks us to keep a quiet spirit throughout the day to allow Him to guide and direct our path.

Decide today to be calm and unhurried. Even though we must for our work's sake, have urgency to accomplish the daily goals of the company or business we are employed by, we can still have an unhurried spirit.  Our mind can work at breakneck speed and our limbs can still get the job done, but the spirit within can be unhurried - listening for the Lord's still small voice of guidance and support. His Spirit to our spirit.

Our words can be a source of encouragement or a source of fear and anger or create revengeful thoughts by others.  Seek to always be an encourager with your words.  Calm those anxious souls, unruffle the feathers of the anger and unhappiness with your gentle and lovely spirit.  Do not be forceful - just walk away and brush the dust from your soles.  Some will not receive.

He is the constant Father who loves and is full of kindness - available to us at every hour of the day.  He is Wisdom itself and owns the Law of the Universes - will He not have the answer you need?

There is no need to be anxious or fearful. 

Just keep a quiet spirit within and protect it with prayer knowing that Father God is keeping you in His care.