Keep On Hoping

31/05/2015 11:12

Friend, never lose hope!

If you are praying and weeping before the Lord, He instructs us to never lose hope.  He is working behind the scenes of our lives.  He is orchestrating things to come together for our good.  All things always come together for His Good so just have patience. If we ask, we will receive in due time according to His Will, all we asked for; and generously running over our cup, God's goodness and mercy.

As time goes by we are able to look back and see the Good Works He has done for us and those we love. You won't believe how He accomplished some things.  The way you saw ahead, would have brought more problems, but the Way He made is Perfect, and you won't be able to deny the Completeness of his Will.

He is Holy and it shows in all his handiwork. Many people testify of His Holiness, and the Beauty of what He does.

The Lord comunicates with our spirit. Holy Spirit to human spirit, so trust Him and let all your apprehensions fall away.

Make a decision to be available. Rid yourself of worry and fear and anger and all vices and be available.

Step back from the world and allow the Spirit to communicate with your spirit and receive the life giving Peace that transcends all other human needs.  Focus on Jesus and the Father and Holy Spirit.

Thirty minutes each day, ask them to forgive you, love you and fill you with hope for the future.