Lack, Love & Faith

07/06/2018 21:43

Friend, would you say you lack something in your life that your soul desires?

Lack of anything is not what God desires for us.

Lack is from the demons of Hell.

Sometimes we think we lack something but to God, we are just where we need to be, and in those cases we most definetely lack faith in The Almighty.

He is the Supplier of all our needs and He is the Provider of the smallest need to the biggest blessing that we could imagine.

Lack is caused by no faith or little faith; and this is where evil stealthly moves in to set up strongholds in our soul. Evil tears us down in spirit. It delays for as long as it can our right to have Knowledge and Truth imparted to us. It loves to keep us in chains, unable to be whole as God intended.

But, friend, we are the ones who allow evil indwell us. Evil offers us something and we do not question the offering. If we knew the Word of God we would be able to know whether to allow evil entry or even to kick it out when necessary.

The Lord is our Healer. He is our Truth. His Name is Wisdom. He is the Word; He speaks and it is so.

He is Love, Holy and Good.

Friend, to believe in The Son of God is to have faith in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When we say, "Yes" to Jesus, both the Father and Spirit, show up and give their full acceptance of us into the fold of Heaven.

We become full "card-carrying" members of Righteousness because of the Blood shed by The Righteous One, our Lord; and unless we fall away and denounce The Son, we will always have full entree to The Father's Presence.

He will hear us at any time we cry out in pain and despair; we speak to Him in prayer; we whisper how great He is in thanks; we sing of His Faithfulness; we love Him from the depths of our heart for what He has done for us; and He will respond according to His Will which is always Perfection.

He is an Amazing God!

Be faith-filled. Never doubt that He Is. Walk in the Knowledge that God is for you, and will never be against you when you love His Son. Know that God is daily sending out Holy Blessings from His Person in constant streams of Love; The Holy Spirit is guiding and teaching you; and Jesus is Loving you, and taking care of all your needs.

We just need to be standing in His Love by faith, to receive all this Goodness.

Do you lack love in your life? 

How can you when the God of all the universes loves you with a Holy (Pure) Love?

Who is man in regards to God?

Man is the created being with a spirit that God in Three Persons, gives to us and recognizes.

Man cannot love as God Loves, because of sin. 

We have lost our innocence and God The Father sent His Holy Son to rescue those who love Him.

The Redeemer/Saviour, Jesus The Christ of God.

He has a Plan for us.

His Love is the Most Powerful and most cleansing and beautiful Love that a human can absorb.

Seek His Love before that of any human.

He asks us then, to love others, as He loves us.

It may be that He may say we are capable of loving the unloveable, because He loves us. Yes with Him leading the Way, we see how He has Forgiven, so who are we to withold forgiveness?

In that unlovable heart we may find our life's lessons; and we may please God that we are obedient to His Call on our life; in loving those who seem to us to be unforgiveable and unlovable; and in so doing we may grow in Faith and Truth, mature for the Kingdom; able to have deep relationship with Him.