Lean On Him

25/04/2015 13:01

Friend, we must learn to lean on Jesus.

Trying to keep our problems and struggles to ourselves will not bring a victory or good result.

God already knows them but we sometimes try to not bother our Lord with what we think may be a small problem.  Sometimes the problem is so big we can't see a way out, or maybe we are ashamed, but the Lord I can assure you, does see the way for you and is waiting for you to allow Him to be the One who leads you through the maze back to sanity and freedom from the problem.

There is nothing new to the Lord about your tribulation.  He always has His hands stretched out to you in Love.  He stands waiting for you to recognize Him and accept His help.

Repent of your ignorance and be a humble soul and receive Him.  Me, I run to Him, and you can too!