Lessons Repeated

11/07/2020 10:35

Friend, do you find yourself seemingly going around and around certain issues in your life; never finding the breakthrough into peace.

The Bible teaches us that we choose unwisely, and if we do not immediatly choose wisely when we see we are in a deepening spiral of reality, we will continue to keep circling back into this same scenario.

These situations are usually indicative of an area of learning we need to gain victory over.

Friend, in most cases this is an area of training we have entered into.

We think our train of thought is correct, but God is tryng to show us that when things get repeated, we need to come to Him in our desperation and weakness, to submit to His Way, His Will.

His Will is the Perfect Way. 

He only, is Perfectly Good.

A simple " Thank You, Lord Jesus for this lesson. I am ready to move on. I no longer desire my way which I now realize You have been waiting for me to commit to You and Your Will," is all that is required if your heart and mind are ready to end the spiralling downwards.

And friend, don't go running back to your way as He begins to move you through the issue. You got yourself down the rabbit hole and He will bring you back in His Way; according to His Will and Law.

Just trust that He will; and He will.

It is a Promise when we believe in Him, that He never takes from us.

It may be painful, it may be hurtful, but the flesh and spirit can withstand what He decrees. 

Just be faithful and bring your heart and mind into submission to Him.

The result is Peace, Love and Joy.

Everyday, be thankful.

Speak to Him, all day! This is great training for the mind.

If we fill our mind with praise, and take up every corner in the mind with spoken words to Him, there is no room for the devil!