Let The Seeds Fall

01/10/2014 11:15

Let the seeds of Love, Kindness, Compassion, Generosity, Life, love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Hope fall on you and allow them to grow.

Do not let them fall on hard or rocky ground where they cannot germinate and flourish.

Keep your mind and heart in a softened mode so that when you recognize a beautiful "seed" your heart and mind will accept it and cherish it as Truth.

Truth can grow in you in an instant.  It can blossom quickly or it can take a long while.

Which will it be for you?  How much time do you have?  How badly do you want to know Truth?

You can know all you need to know in an instant.  Jesus is your Saviour!  This Truth will get you into Heaven if your life is going to be over this night. That one seed of Truth will give you Life Eternal in the Kingdom of God if you believe Jesus is the Saviour sent by God to pay for your sins.

That small seed also, can grow over a lifetime to include many blossoms of fruitful knowledge of who God is, that will sustain you full of Hope and Wisdom for your journey here, and impart to others lifegiving blessings of fruit that will have the same seeds of Hope and Light and Life.