Life Is A Battlefield

03/11/2016 21:10

Friend, whether we believe it or not, this life is lived on a worldly (evil) battlefield.

Our adversary is satan and his great army of demons.

Satan is able to prowl about the earth seeking whom he may destroy.

He is very highly organized. He is hellbent on gathering as many souls as he can to himself for his ungodly purposes.

Many are the souls who have fallen into his clutches unaware and then too, there are many today who actively seek him and his evil ways.

It seems he is ramping up his battle plans; causing chaos in the world and unbelief in Holy God, deluding and deceiving those who are easy to convince through lies, destroying families through attacking the children at an early age with untruths disguised as truths, offering every immoral "delight" as a choice we all have a right to partake in, confusing genders and lifestyles and encouraging denial of Godly things.

We are given this life in order to know God and grow spiritually.

Everything satan does is to steer us away from that Grace and Mercy.

He no longer has access to the Ways of God, because he is existing away from the Presence of God which he once enjoyed, and is so conceited that he thinks he can outwit God, and is invested in having a great army of demons to do his bidding in order to outplay God.

Satan once was privy to all of God's Ways, Will, Law and Government yet chose to rebel against God thinking he would prevail. It will never come to fruition.

God is Supreme and Good, full of Truth and Power. Satan is not and never will be.

God is everywhere at all times.

Satan does not have this ability other than to have great numbers of followers (prisoners) who must follow his orders and bring in their quotas of souls to fatten up his legions of unclean spirits who coerce, deceive, destroy humans who haven't made a choice for God and His Son, and also attack those whose faith is new or weak, as they roam around the world attaching themselves to us, and attacking our bodies with sufferings they hope will make us not believe in God. Attacking our mind with lies and deceitful scenarios. Goading us to have pride and think of ourselves as being better than God Himself.

He niggles away at the mature Chrstian also, and tries to demean us, and destroy our belief by deceiving and snatching from us the little gains we make make for God. Our victories over sin the Spirit has helped us to overcome, are laughed at and they entice us to rethink those choices until they gain our fall from Grace.

Knowing God's Word to use against them when they come against us, is paramount for our survival in the great battles that satan launches against us and our families.

"No weapon formed against me shall prosper says the Lord."

"Get thee behind me satan. Greater is He that is in me, than you (satan)who is in the world"

" I give all my allegiance to Jesus, My Lord and Saviour."

"Lord, give me discernment in this issue so I may have victory."

" I want to walk only in Your Holy Will for my life and ask for your Godly Protection."

Also, it's important for the believer to grow their faith.

We should always be desiring to know more of God's Will.

The Holy Spirit is always available to us to help us overcome. We just need to yield our will to the Holy Spirit, and we will overcome and the devil and his demons will flee when they see we are committed to overcoming and holding on to our victories in Christ.

Friend, let me encourage you to submit your will to God's Will. Pray that all things in your life be according to his Will and give Him all your allegiance. Allow the Spirit of God to transform your mind through the reading of God's Holy Word.