Lift One Another Up

04/12/2014 11:44

The Lord asks us to lift one another up in the Faith and Truth and Life and Light of Who He is.

People who are unbelievers in Him also lift one another up - in their unbelief.

This is dangerous territory because it is very hard to extricate oneself from this type of thinking.

People and families gather with likeminded thinkers generally as a means of being accepted or feeling they are "right".

But we should always be open to hear from Almighty God even if now, we do not believe.

To say we have found the answers to life and not have a confirmation of it in the spirit is a lie we tell ourselves, because it fits into the lifestyle we already have, or the one we are goal oriented to get for ourselves in the near future.  In other words, we are working on becoming "such and such. "

When you lift someone up to Almighty God & King of All Kings, Jesus, for any kind of comforting or healing, you are putting someone else's needs before your own.

He hears and responds to those requests.   Come to Him simply and as a child and ask for forgiveness of your sins and then make your request known for your friend or loved one.  Give Him thanks and bless His Name, Jesus.


Father God of all comfort and healing we come to you today lifting up all our loved ones and friends - asking You the Giver of all good gifts, to comfort and heal all our family members and friends who are in need of Your touch.  You Lord, know the deepest darkest secrets and are the One who can restore and revive and we thank You for all You are going to do and have done for us.  In Jesus's name. Amen