Listen And Be Ready

28/02/2015 08:57

Friend, the Lord asks us to be still and know that He is speaking to us. 

Our knowledge of Him is very shallow and we cannot comprehend the entirety of who He is in the beginning of our walk with Him. 

"Be still", He says and "look and listen for Me."

Friend, be aware that He cares for you and is actively helping you.  Is it the help you think you need?  Probably not, but then again, maybe it is exactly what you have asked for.

Just trust Him.  He is Goodness itself.  He deals with us in Mercy and loving kindness.  He knows we are weak in our faith, and He uses this weakness as a foil against our innate arrogance.

Today is a new day.  Listen and let the scales be removed from your eyes.  See with a new Light in your heart and mind.  Let the Glory of God be your covering and walk forward in His Grace.

Be ready to fulfill the design and plan He has for your new Life in Him that brings inner peace and joy.