Listen To The Spirit Of God

26/11/2016 10:07

Friend, it is important that we be listening for the Word of Wisdom that is constantly being spoken over us by the Holy One.

God's Love is flowing over and around us. We just have to recognize it.

Are your circumstances so terrible that your soul has closed the door to Love?

Today I read about the people of Syria who are left in bombed out homes, streets and cities who are finding Jesus.

Yes, the lowly in heart turn to Him.

They call out and allah and mohammed do not show up.

When good happens to us, it is always Holy Almighty God.

His Purposes are Good.

The purposes of evil who work under many disguises, are always to destroy, plunder, goad and kill us.

God is full of Light. Evil is a deceiver, and full of darkness.

When you experience darkness in your life, look to the One who is Light.

He will help you out of the darkness into the Light.

Today is a new day and He is pouring out Love over the earth.

You, friend, have the right to step into the Light and claim all the Rights of a child of God.

The Way is through the Son.

His Name is Jesus. He was born to become a Sacrifice for your sins and mine.

You and I were on His Mind when He allowed the evil world to crucify Him.

He suffered the pain and agony that was ours,

The Father has said that those who accept His Son, will be saved.