Live For The Inner Spirit

09/05/2016 18:35

Friend, we cannot expect to be spiritual if we only live for the exterior things in life.

Our soul cries out for nourishment but is seldom satisfied, because we give it exterior things that make only, the flesh happy.

But the soul lives in the interior and needs it's nourishment from the One who created it.

God asks us to be the one who lives for the inner spiritual life. And we have to do it while walking through our earth life. This factor makes it very difficult to do when we do not involve Him in the process.

He has to be the One who leads. He is the One who knows the Way. He is familiar with all our faults and knows how to untangle them so that we have a joyful inner experience even while the flesh may suffer.

Friend, be encouraged and uplifted in your soul by the renewing of your mind by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus died for you to have this Gift of inner Knowledge and to realize Truth and Wisdom; to know Love and Peace in the interior of our soul.

Let today be the day when you can make a mark on your calender. Let it be a day of remembrance; when you finally accepted Him (Jesus) as your Saviour, and immersed yourself in the belief that He is God; and began your spiritual journey with the Holy Spirit.