Looking Back On Prayer

20/02/2016 09:30

Today I happened upon some past years journaling of prayer. To my great thankfulness, I found God had answered everything.

Most of these answered prayers I took for granted until today, because they were woven into my daily life and over time became fulfilled without me recognizing or even remembering I had prayed for change.

Today, I challenge you, friend, to meditate upon your past requests to God and see if you see where He has begun to turn the wheels for change to bring about answer to your prayers.

Sometimes, the changes come in a way that we had not thought of, therefore we do not recognize that it is God's hand at work.

But, reflection will show you that only God could make those changes.

It wasn't you after all who changed things!

Give thanks and praises for His intervention on your behalf to bring about answered prayer.

We serve a Mighty All Knowing, All Seeing, God. It is important to thank Him and recognize Him in this way.