Lover Of The Helpless

09/05/2016 10:01

Friend, many of us have felt helpless.

Jesus loves us in this state. It comes about when we are ready to look at any help we can get for our situation.

He is always there waiting for us to answer His call. He has put the angels to work, to watch over us, and to throw gems of wisdom and Godly help in our path.

Many times we do not see these opportunities for help in our helplessness, but, they are there.

God is always for us and trying to reveal His Goodness to us.

It is we, ourselves who have our head turned away and are rebellious, not wanting to accept "that" help!

But, friend, this is the help we all need. We will be sorry when we stand before Him at the Judgement and see all the instances when He was for us and offered help that we always rejected.

Jesus does not want us to stay in this helpless situation. He wants to pull us out of the mire, but if we do not take that Godly hand and grasp onto it, we will not move forward on the Righteous Path.

But, friend, He does love our helplessness because it gives Him a chance to help us; our spirits at this juncture in our lives, now willing to see and hear  Godly spiritual things.

Take a look back at your life and think if you had made a different choice, where would you be now.

Yes, He loves the helpless just so He can be the Helper to them and He will be appreciated and recognized for Who He is.