Make The Demons Tremble

17/02/2015 16:49

Friend, be the kind of believer in Jesus that makes the demons tremble when you awake in the morning!

When you know that Jesus is for you, and you are filled with Godly discernment and wisdom from the reading of God's Word, then demons will tremble when you are around.

They know when you are so fully connected to God, Jesus, & Holy Spirit that you are walking in the spirit and not the flesh.  Their demonic works against you will not bear any sour, or bitter fruit.  Instead you will walk in Peace and Love, and Joy and Truth. 

There is no use of them hanging around you to cause any trouble because it will not stick to you.  From your close relationship with the Lord, you will know to hand all troubles over to Him and release yourself from any ugliness.

The circumstances of your life may not change but you will be changed.  That is the difference!

You have become a changed person.  Your soul is at peace.  Your spirit is full of love for all mankind.  Your understanding and knowledge is ever unfolding to new heights of Truth.

My friend, make the demons tremble - it is such a good feeling!