Many Are The Ways

28/03/2016 11:36

Friend, many are the ways that man has devised to get to Heaven.

But, God (Jesus) came to clean up all the ways that were confusing man, to make One Way through the Sacrifice of His Son.

He will not accept your "way" that you have spent a lifetime following; even if it is filled with love, goodness and beauty.

Almighty God says He will accept only One Way; otherwise why did the Son have to be crucified for our sins?

There are religions that purport to "know" many things, but God knows they are tainted by the evil one.

There is only one Way and we cannot get away from it no matter how much we try to justify or rationalize our beliefs.

In times past it is possible that God was showing a person of belief great and wonderous things about Himself. But, man being man; he has allowed evil to creep in under the guise of God. Many are the christian churches that have done it; changed the teachings of the Bible to include other man-dreamed up ideas; thinking that they would have forgiveness at the end. But the number of people they led astray will condemn them.

Even the Jewish religion (God's chosen people) has added laws that God did not intend.

So too are ancient religions that deny the diety of Jesus filled with evil (against God) disguised as goodness.

If fine minds really put aside all they have learned from their "religion" and study the Word they will find the Truth. Yes, they will be able to connect some dots with the previous teachings, but God will show them the error in their thinking if they truly have an open and willing spiritual mind towards Truth.

I can say this because of my own experience.

I once studied Easern religions for the beauty I found there.

But, friend, I have found the Owner of All Beauty, All Truth, All Light, All Peace, All Goodness, All Power and I have free access to Him. I know He is the One to worship and any worship given to any other man who may or may not have "attained" godliness or sainthood or some exalted spiritual position is an abomination to God. They are men who found truth but would not accept the Son.

I found clearly the errors when applied to the teachings of the Holy Bible. And I am just a simple uneducated person.

Be careful, very careful in what you spout or teach or glorify or worship!

Easter is a time for us to consider the Cross and why it was necessary. Yes, it is celebrated at "same" times as other human celebrations.

Don't be deceived by what came first. That's shallow thinking. Of course there were religions before Christ came. He came because of their sinful teachings. They are the reason He had to be Sacrificed!

God Almighty came first and His Son is also God; meaning Jesus was and is the First, with the Father and Holy Spirit.

The Father has said of Jesus, "This is My Son in whom I AM well pleased. Only those who believe in His Diety (Godhood) I will save."

Friend, that leaves everyone else out. Or are you sinless?

Where do you stand should you suddenly die? Believer in Jesus the Son of God who died as a Sacrifice for your sins or one who believes in Him as a good man, but not God?