01/06/2016 11:04

Friend, our God is a Master at all He does.

This is a good thing to remember about Him.

When in doubt about something regarding your relationship with Him; following His Word from the Holy Bible; doing as He asks; remember that He is the Master.

If you get it wrong and you feel you have made the wrong move or said the wrong thing; God is the Master and will fix it when you admit to Him your mistake.

Don't worry about your free will getting in the way, be willing to live in His Will.

Unless you are hellbent on having your way all the time even when God is showing you His Way.

That is not a relationship with God.

A relationship with Him is one where you the child look to Him the Father as One who can be trusted and loved, and One who will Love you and give you good gifts and blessings for your acquiescence to His Way.

Humbly allowing Him to be Lord God Almighty in your life is paramount to having a good relationship with God and growing in the knowlwdge of Heavenly things.

He is a Loving Master. He is the All Knowing Master. He is the Master of Truth. He is the Master of Law.

He knows what He is doing and works all things together for His Good, His Truth and His Law.

Evil is only using up it's alloted time within God's Law. God has decreed what will happen to the evil ones and nothing will stop His Judgement being carried out.

Many are the souls who have chosen the evil path thinking they will somehow escape His Judgement.

But, that is not possible.

Choose to follow God now and live abundantly of the spirit and flesh.