Material Forces

05/12/2014 11:21

Material forces will never prove too strong for the Lord!

Know this and believe this with all your heart.  God is above all things. He knows all things.  He owns all the Power in Heaven and Earth.  Satan can do nothing without His approval.  Satan is confined by the Law also.

The disciples even with all their first hand knowledge of the miracles and words of purity and wisdom Jesus spoke, who believed with all their hearts, were doubters at the end because they believed Jesus would somehow raise up an army and found His Kingdom on earth. 

After everything He had told them.

They wanted to believe they were with the winning team! At the end, even after the Last Supper when Christ told them what was going to happen, they still thought material forces on this earth had overcome the Lord.

But when He reappeared in the flesh after they saw Him die on the Cross, then they knew He was the Lord and their Saviour, and this fired them up to go into the world and evangelize.

Material forces (satan and his demons) can show us a picture and influence media and minds into thinking there is no God, but friend, do not be fooled. 

God is alive and He owns everything and satan's day is coming and so is the second coming of our Lord Jesus!

Be assured of that.  Do not doubt.  Do not listen to lies. 

The Word of God is there for you to find your answers and comfort for the trials that do come.  God allows them for His Purposes - they grow us spiritually, they break down strongholds and God uses them to make Beauty in our soul and spirit from the ashes that satan's promises bring.

You may have great riches but if you don't know Christ, you live in ashes and inwardly you will know this.

Examine your life. 

Socrates said, "A life not examined, is not worth living."  Something to think about.