Meditation for today 1John 1:8

05/01/2015 08:13


Meditation for today


If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

1 John 1:8   KJV

The Apostle John who was also given Revelation by the Holy Spirit, here lays it on the line to the believers of the day. 

Today these spirit filled words speak Truth to us.

Will we look inward to see if we are deceiving ourselves the Holy Spirit asks?

We are fooling ourselves if we think we have no sin in us. 

Yes, we may live good lives and the world may call us good, but Jesus looks to the heart of man and sees the minutest of sin. 

The reality is that God requires we recognize the sin in our life and He requires we grow spiritually. 

If we are born again in Christ then we have the blood of Jesus that covers our sin, but sin in our heart left unchecked can spring forth and become invasive in our life very quickly.

Let's be truthful with ourselves and begin to search out what is displeasing to God and give this sin to our Lord so we may grow in Him.


Lord, thank you for the Blood that covers my sin.  Please help me to recognize all sin in my thoughts, talk and deeds and give each to you fully.  Help me to walk uprightly before you. Amen.