Meditation - Matthew 4:19

18/01/2015 05:10

Meditation for today


And He saith to them, Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. 

Matthew 4:19  KJV

These are the words spoken to the first disciples, brothers Simon (later named Peter by Jesus) and Andrew.

They were casting nets into the sea of Gallilee to catch fish.  This is how they made their living - fishermen.

"Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Jesus cleverly spoke to them in language they could understand.  He also knew the attitude of their hearts.  They were waiting for the Jewish Messiah.   

Jesus had been preaching among the Jews to "Repent: for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand"  Matthew 4:17b.

Simon Peter, and Andrew were the first chosen of the first disciples.

Today He is calling all men, not just the Jewish people.  He died for all.  He speaks to each of us in the language we understand.  Sometimes it is not the written word.  It may be music, it may be something beautiful in nature that gets us to stop and wonder and find God who will lead us to His Son through the Holy Spirit.

Be aware! He is using every good thing to reveal Himself to you.  Listen for His still, small voice among the din of everyday living. Look at the beauty of nature and see the Glory of God revealed in the simplest and most humble creations to the most complex and grand. 

Don't take your surroundings for granted - see the Lord's handiwork in all.  Praise Him!


Lord, thank You that You call me in a way I can understand.  Help me to hear and see You and then, help others know You.  Amen.