Meditation Verse 1John 2:15

22/07/2016 10:01
Meditation Verse for today.
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.  If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 
1 John 2:15  KJV
The Apostle John wrote those words to believers instructing them on how to live a Christian life.
In this short verse he sums up how we are to look inward to our own life, to see if we love the world and the things of the world more than we love God.
In other words; who comes first in our lives. 
Is it the love of the planet? 
Is it the love of the things created by God; animal, bird, fish? 
Is it our family, loved ones, friends? 
Is it the things man has created; home, auto, toys. 
Is it someone; an entertainer, a philosopher, or our cultural heritage, a certain way of living?
All these things are allowable. But they should never overpower or come first before our love for Him who created and gave us the Spirit that is in us.
He gave the Spirit to us for His own pleasure, knowing that He would abundantly give us the same pleasure, when we return to Him fully locked in to Him, never wavering in faith.
That pleasure is one on one communing with God as Friend and Confidant.
Many have discovered this Truth and here it is revealed to you!
The evil in this world desires to hide this from us. It is jealous of what we can have with God. It knows of the magnificence of the One who is called " I Am That I Am". 
Evil has found that turning it's back on God was not the best idea. It's only hope is to gather more and more like minded souls to itself. 
Is God afraid?
I know He is not and He could never be. The numbers won't matter to Him at the end. Now they do. He does not want any more to perish to evil than have already done so. This is our short gift of time, this life, to recognize Him. But, we have free will to choose our master.
God has a Plan according to His Law, for evil and it will be carried out acccording to His Timeframe.
Hence this blog to reveal a great and mighty God who loves us and does not want us to perish with the devil, for eternity.
Lord, thank You for this warning. 
This world is very bold in it's attempts to entice me and I have fallen many times. Thank You for Your forgiveness and the peace it gives when I confess to You. Help me to meditate day and night on Your Word and to come to You daily with a contrite spirit. I want to have open communication with You 24/7. Inhabit my life, my mind, body and soul and teach me Your Ways until I leave this earth to go to be with You in Spirit. Amen.