Meditation verse 2 Timothy 3:7

22/01/2015 16:52



Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of Truth. 

2 Timothy 3 :7

Apostle Paul is writing to his protégé Timothy who visited the churches already established by Paul and who was a great help to Paul.

Paul warns him, that some people are always seeking.  They find great pleasure in their growing "wisdom" and eagerly seek out many paths.  Lifetimes can be wasted on this pursuit. 

The Bible puts it all together and has a truth that speaks with great emotion to the heart and mind, but one has to read it with all pride set aside.  A prideful heart cannot grasp the things of God.  It is afraid to.

In the verses before this one Paul states that these people have a "form of godliness".

It is not of God the ruler of the universe.  It is from the prince of the power of darkness, and many have been deceived by him and his demons.

Search your heart and mind and lay aside these things; lover of self, covetousness, boasting, lying, blasphemy, disobedience to parents, unthankfulness, unholiness, false accusations, despising of those who are good, highmindedness, pleasure loving, self gratification.

These  things lead people astray and far from God.  We can be caught and die in these sins if we will not call out to God for help.
Lord, thank You for Your warning to be more like Jesus and to learn of Your Truth. Help me to put aside all the things that have a hold on my life that separate me from You.  Amen