Meditation Verse James 4:12

08/05/2015 11:35


Scripture.  There is one Lawgiver; Who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another?  James 4:12  KJV

James tells us that God alone is the Lawgiver who judges all and who will mete out  reward and punishment at the Judgement seat.

Meditating on this fact of the Bible will bring us into right relationship with Him.  He is the Great One.  We are not great when we stand before Him no matter how great the world says we are or have been.

We should never judge one another.  Having a soft heart and a loving demeanor helps us not to judge others.  We should consider each other to be equal in God's sight.  We're all sinners.  Some are saved by the Grace and Mercy of Jesus and others are not yet saved.

That is the only difference by which God judges us.  We're all His children, some in rebellion, some loving Him.


Lord, thank You that You are the Lawgiver.  Knowing You are in full control allows me to look to You and see the beauty of Who You are and humbly give my life to You.  Amen