Meditation Verse Romans 13:2

13/05/2016 08:06
Meditation  Verse for today    
Scipture.  Whosoever therefore resisteth the Power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.  
Romans 13:2
God has an Official Rule. 
It is that He has all the Power. 
The Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit are One and they each have the same power and rule together as One.
There is no other power other than it is given by God, as He wills. 
So rulers of this earth and principalities and powers in heavenly realms all receive the right to rule from God. 
Some rule well, others do not.
Rulers who resist God's Power and all who resist, will receive damnation, as stated in today's meditation verse above.. 
He uses all good and evil for His ultimate purpose which we do not see clearly, being sinners, and He will mete out punishment to those who resist Him.
God is Just and He has given His Word (Law) and what He has said will not change, because His Son came to fulfill His Word to us, and now we wait only for the second coming of Jesus Christ the Mighty Lion of Judah.. The Conquering Hero is still to come and we have this short "time" to make our souls ready. 
He clearly states it all, throughout the Bible.
Lord, thank You for saving me and showing me the Path of Righteousness, in the pages of your Holy Word; for my edification, reproof and rebuke.  Help me to have a heart that is willing to be guided and shown Truth. Thank you for Your Mercy because without it I would not find You before I die. Your Grace  has allowed me to know You and I am thankful. Amen