Meditation 2 Peter 1:4

23/09/2016 15:40
Meditation  Verse     
Scripture.  Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.  2 Peter 1:4  KJV
Peter wrote this shortly before his death. 
He wants us to know of the precious promises that are ours through faith in Jesus. 
He encourages us to get to know the Lord better in this short letter. 
He explains that we are able to overcome because of Christ's Divine Nature - as we take more of it on daily through communing with our Lord, asking for His guidance, reading His Word to receive that guidance and walking in God confidence.
The world is full of "the lust of life" and through Christ we can escape the corruption of sin caused by those lusts we continually indulge in. 
This is a great and precious promise of God to us. Life Eternal with God and Jesus in the Holy Kingdom which is going to be amazing and magnificent and joyful, beautiful, full of Goodness and many fulfilling spiritual growth soul lessons that Holy Almighty God can use for the Kingdom that He continually creates. 
Jesus said He was going to prepare a place for the believers to be in heaven, and everything He touches becomes Perfect and Beautiful. Therefore we can expect perfect and beautiful places for us when we are given our reward for staying the course with our Lord to our last breath.
Meditate on the Divine Nature of God and His Son, who died so we may experience Life Eternal; as opposed to Hell, prepared for the devil and his associates, for eternity.
Hell will be continually knifing your back, demonic attacks on you, regret, sadness, sorrow, from which you can never escape causing many to join forces with evil and become liars, attackers, deceivers, killers, angry, insane but never having Hope or Peace or Love or Wisdom or Truth.
All because on the earth they did not use their time wisely to get to know Truth, to look at the world around them, and find God while God was surrounding them with the Holy Spirit whose sole job it is to lead us to Christ.
He never tires of giving us opportunities to turn our back from evil and towards Jesus
Lord, thank You, that You have made a Way for me to escape the corruption of this world.  I accept it.  Help me to be a partaker of your Divine Nature.  In Jesus's Name.  Amen