Mercy And Grace

21/02/2015 07:48

It's a new day and His Mercy and Grace is new for us every morning.

Friend, go about your day knowing that yesterday is gone and you can ask for forgiveness for the past and walk forward in a new day.

Knowing this, thank Him for the Grace and Mercy for your new day.  Be alert to the jabs from evil and walk in the Grace and Kindness of your Lord Jesus.  Allow Him to go before you and walk closely with Him. 

Your day will be lighter, you will begin to see things more clearly, see as He sees and react as He would.  He is all about Grace and Mercy and Forgiveness and Healing of your mind and body so that you can be a blessing to others as He works in and through your spirit.

Lean on Him and learn from Him and the Holy Spirit. 

The world may not react the way you think it should to your new found outlook, but do not let that deter you. 

Others who are in pain and unbelief do not know what you know.  They have not received the forgiveness of God. 

They are in denial of God's Love for them.  They are "good enough" in their own eyes.  And their opinions are the only ones that matter (to them).

They do not see their need for forgiveness because they cannot comprehend that they need it. 

But, today you have Mercy and Grace from your Lord to walk and be in the moment with Him.