Micah 6:8b

29/05/2015 11:25

Micah 6:8b    What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.

Friend, we learn in other scriptures that a born again Christian can have a bold faith but it is not the boldness of the world that Jesus asks us to have.  It's more of a confidence within, that tells us we know our Saviour in a personal way.  (We have a relationship of which the bonds are strong.)

Here Jesus asks us to walk justly in all our dealings with others.  Sometimes others will not understand that justness but you can only pray that at some stage in their life the Holy Spirit will be able to get through to them and they will see that you did deal justly with them.

We have a set of laws to adhere to - both Godly and of the world.  They should always be a part of our conscious decision making.  To know those laws in the inward parts is to give us the ability to quickly use that knowledge to always make lawful decisions.

Will we make mistakes? Yes in our young years but as we go along in life and practise godliness, we become much better at hearing the Spirit when He corrects us - thereby  allowing us to make the correction that keeps us on the right path.

Jesus also speaks of kindness and this should always be a part of justice.  Not to break a law in favour of kindness, but to deal kindly taking into account the severity or continual injustice that is being perpetrated.

After all, Jesus deals kindly and justly with us.  His mercies are new every morning.  Today we get another chance to get it right, to accept Him as our Saviour-Lord; to begin to walk humbly with Him and to accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit and; to know the greatest Love of all has loved you and wants to be your Redeemer.

He paid the price for you to get into Heaven.  He shed the Blood.  He was the Sacrifice.  He suffered the penalty set by God, for the sins of your soul.

If He is calling you, thank Him and know that to Him you are, "Beloved, child of Mine."

The world will never do that for you - only He can.