Murmurer, Grumbler, Complainer

29/06/2016 21:02

Friend, God is repelled away from us when we murmur against Him, complain about our lives and grumble when things don't go the way we want.

Always remember this. When the mind wants to start any of these activities, we must get a hold of the reins and rebuke the demons who are at the wheel driving us along the unrighteous path, far from God.

God is not the instigator of all our troubles.

Unbelief causes us to be grumblers.

We say in our hearts that, there cannot be a God when "such and such" has happened to us. We who are so worthy of wonderful things, should never have to experience what the rest of mankind endures!

How foolish that thinking is. It's immature and weak-minded to look out at the world and come to the conclusion that there is no God; that mankind has no need for a Holy God.

No, Friend, God has displayed great wonders for our mind to contemplate, and contemplate them we should to our soul's great cry.

Being a great man or woman of the world does not make us a great man or woman in the Kingdom of God.

Worldly things are just that; confined to the world. They hold no sway in the Kingdom.

Worldly things are temporary.

The things of the Kingdom are ETERNAL!