Never Alone

23/12/2014 18:55

Friend, when you have a friend like Jesus you are never alone.  He is with you all the time. He never sleeps.  He is always looking out for you.  He is opening doors for you and making the way ahead, clear.

When you wake at night and are fearful or troubled, He is there.  Speak to Him.  He will give you the advice you need. 

By reading His Word, the Holy Bible you will be able to hear Him clearer.  He speaks to us through the words there.

Maybe He will say, "My Grace is sufficient for you"; "You can do all things through your belief in Me"; "I am with you always, never fear" - these are the things a Christian hears who has read His word.

The Bible is full of words of encouragement for all our troubles, trials, worries, fears - He has written His love upon our hearts and will bring the words to life when He knows we need a reminder or when we call to Him in our trial.


Lord God, I am yours. Thank you for keeping me safe and healthy.  I ask for your Holy angels to surround me as I go about my daily life and keep me from stumbling as I walk forward into the future You have given me.  Help me to learn of you and to know when to be still and silent so that I may hear your voice. Bring into my life others who can help me and who I in turn can help.  Thank you for Your sacrifice on the Cross and for the forgiveness that is mine. I bless the name of Jesus. Amen.