Never Doubt God's Love

12/05/2016 10:12

Friend, you may at times think that God does not love you because something has happened to you or in your life that you do not like.

An illness, a loss, a trial of some kind, poverty, all these things and more may be your burdens, but God can use them if you allow Him, to bring about great change for the good in your life.

Straining against the yoke of the burden will only bring more of the same. This is the domain of evil. They love to hear you rail against God and lower your soul to their level. They work against you day and night to bring your last breath closer, so that when you depart this life, you will be theirs.

Evil is the encourager of suicide and murder. God is never the instigator or perpetrator of evil.

But when we wilfully follow evil's lead, then He allows us to do so, while trying with all His Might to stop you from making those choices and also carrying them out.

But, if we are Hell bent, then it is to Hell we will go.

We wander through this life taking all kinds of crazy paths full of twists and turns, dark alleyways, rocky roads, rarely smooth sailing, and God is always shining His Light for us but in our madness, all we see are small glimmers of it, if that.

But, friend, be assured, God loves you and is calling to you to stop and begin to see Who He is.

His Love for you is so profound that when you understand what He has done for you, you will have sorrow for yourself, for how you have lived. But in His Great Mercy and Grace, you will be Loved and made new.

Never doubt His Love for you, never.