New Every Morning

11/04/2015 08:48

Friend, God's Mercy is new every morning for us.

Yesterday is gone.  Ask for forgiveness of the sins of yesterday and walk in His Mercy and Grace daily.

Everything He does from the standpoint of Heaven is Merciful.  He works within His Law and to us sometimes we do not see how our circumstances are filled with Mercy, but they are!

When we have a strong faith and know much of His Word, we see His Mercy at work and we become thankful souls.

If you are weak and needy, set about to grow in faith and get that strength that you know you need.

Learn about all the Promises of God. Find out about His Law.  Seek to understand His Love.  Find out about Mercy, Grace, Provision, Healing. 

Be grateful for the new Mercy that is yours every morning and thank Him for His kindness towards you and those you love.

And grow in the knowledge of Him who loves you.